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General Information

Gigastream plc is a leading provider of Internet services in the UK. In addition to Internet access solutions, network consultancy and related services. Gigastream provide wholesale network and telecommunications services to the ISP and hosting market.

For more information on Gigastream's IP Transit services please contact

Autonomous System

Gigastream operate a single autonomous system AS31712.

Routing information is maintained in the RIPE Internet Routing Registry (IRR). The AS-SET (or AS-MACRO) AS-GIGASTREAM shows those autonomous systems transiting through AS31712. Some customers may only maintain their routing information in other IRR's such as the RAdb. We also maintain entries in the PeeringDB.

Routing Policies

The routing policies of AS31712 are set out in the Routing Policy document.

Peering Points

Gigastream maintains presence at the following carrier neutral datacentres in the UK. In addition to providing IP Transit or private peering sessions at these locations we can assist with backhaul carrier neutral datacentres in the UK.

Datacentre Location

Telecity Redbus Sovereign House

London, UK

Telstra London Hosting Centre

London, UK

Telehouse North

London, UK

BlueSquare 1

Maidenhead, UK

Gigastream Oxford1

Oxford, UK

Gigastream maintains presence at the following exchange points where we can arrange public or private peering (subject to the regulations of the IXP).

Exchange Location


London, UK

Settlement Free Peering

Gigastream offer settlement free peering for networks meeting certain criteria subject to our Peering Policy. For more information contact